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The Industries Program at Two Bridges Regional Jail is a self- sustaining program designed to assist offenders with a successful re-entry into the community.  We look for inmates who are working toward making changes in their lives that will keep them from coming back to jail and give them the opportunity to succeed and live a productive life.  We re-enforce the concept that if you continue to do things the “right way” positive things will happen for you.  In order to qualify for a job in industries the inmates must be incident free for 30 days and have a High School diploma, a GED or be working toward one.  The education requirement has produced outstanding results with many of our workers leaving with their certificate.  Our current Industries job offerings are:  Commissary, Woodshop and Gardening.

Any money earned by the Industries Program is used to sustain the program as well as providing funds for various Community Service projects.  Two of our most successful projects are a Food Pantry garden and building toys for the Lincoln and Sagadahoc Toys for Tots/Santa Fund programs. The garden provides area food pantries with hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each year.  Seven to twelve workers are involved in the entire process of starting seedlings, planting, tending and harvesting.  Every year, our woodshop and craft programs build hundreds of toys for the Christmas toy giveaways.   We as a facility believe that Community Service is vital to a successful re-entry.  Through that work, Offenders are able to see that they are still productive members of society with the ability to give something back.

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