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The Lincoln County Outreach Program provides comprehensive women’s and men’s substance use and psycho-education groups at Two Bridges Jail. Over the past 22 years the Lincoln County Outreach Program has been committed to working with individuals that are struggling with substance use and legality issues. Counselors assist offenders with focusing on understanding the relationships between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. By doing so, offenders can learn to identify patterns of thinking that lead to self-destructive actions and beliefs, so they can improve coping skills while reducing relapse potential. The Lincoln County Outreach Program works with offenders in groups and individually during incarceration. Substance use is one of the primary reasons that people commit crimes and find themselves in jail.  Addressing the problem and getting to the root causes of their use can help reduce the recidivism rate among offenders. Offenders begin the process of making a therapeutic connection while incarcerated and this relationship continues once they are released.

Lincoln County Outreach Program

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